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Steven lives and works in Maitland NSW. Steven’s love of and connection to the Australian bush and landscape is deeply ingrained, and comes from childhood experiences of camping, trekking across mountains, and discovering waterfalls in remote areas of the Australian bush. He has always enjoyed creating in some form, but never took it seriously, until in 1987 he quit his job as a motor mechanic and enrolled in Art School at Newcastle Tafe. He quickly realised his passion for Australian Landscapes, and his love of dramatic and remote landscapes, which are all part of his creating process. He uses multiple drawings and photos of waterfalls, beaches, cliff faces and coastal rock forms. Steven depicts the rocks with a thick lustre of oil paints and bold brushstrokes to portray these landforms. Steven mainly works with oils on canvas, from small to large scale paintings, and drawings using oil pastels on Stonehenge paper. Recently, he has developed a passion for Australian wild flowers with vibrant colours in native varieties. You can find Steven’s artworks in private and public collections. He was the winner of the Capita Fine Arts Grant.